After I deleted my blog I took back the URL so it wouldn’t be re-used; I ought to have a post sitting here just in case

I quit Tumblr because it was taking over my life, making me unproductive and I was at a point in my life that was too important to spend lying in bed 14 hours a day scrolling down Tumblr.

Good news. Since leaving Tumblr I wrote my 12,000 word dissertation and took my exams. This meant that after 4 years at university I graduated with a 2:1 degree. After a period of volunteering I’ve since found a job and moved 50 miles across the country to live in a flat on my own (which is amazing). I’ve been in the job for two months and I’m so so happy, and not just because I can now afford all the things.

Tumblr was a disease to my life but the people were not. So I hope that everyone is doing well, fighting the good fight because I know that for many of the people I followed life really was a fight, even though every single one of them was incredibly interesting and deserved to be listened to.

So, on the off chance that someone remembers me one day and comes here to check how I’m doing: I’ve never been better, and I wish the same for you.